• Jeffwang16

    Yep all those things happened im sooo lazy right now bye.

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  • Jeffwang16

    First Blog Post!

    April 22, 2010 by Jeffwang16

    Couple updates today!

    First off, I'm quitting this wiki soon! Sorry, and I'll stay here until somebody can become an admin. But I'll always come back once in a while!

    Second, all updates will be posted on the blog from now on.

    Third, the poll ends May 1st. We have two vote NO as of now.

    Fourth, we have inactive users! Inactivation means a less chance of becoming an admin.

    Poll 1:

    Poll 2:

    How often do you visit the wiki?

    More than once a week

    Once a week

    Once every 2 weeks - Once every month

    Once every 2-3 months

    Less than once every 3 months

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